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  • Kiri Square Portions

    Kiri® square portions are made from natural fresh milk that adds to their creamy texture, savory flavor and indulgent taste. Kiri® square portions can be eaten as they are or can also be used as a wonderful base for a variety of delicious sandwiches.

  • Kiri Taste of Labneh Square Portions

    Kiri® Taste of Labneh square portions are an indulgent blend of creamy cheese and a fine tangy flavor. Coupled with a hint of the freshness of labneh, it’s a wonderful delight for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Kiri Al Jarra

    Kiri® Al Jarra is ideal for the whole family. It has the authentic taste of cream cheese and is available in a range of options. It is a secret ingredient in the most delicious cheesecakes as well as several other indulgent desserts made with cheese.

  • Kiri Spreadable Creamy Cheese Tub

    Kiri® Spreadable Creamy Cheese tubs are ideal for abundantly spreading everyone’s favorite breakfast ingredient - Kiri® cream cheese. Now the entire family can enjoy the goodness of Kiri® with delicious cheese sandwiches. 

  • Kiri Creamy Labneh

    Made with the goodness of nature, Creamy Labneh from Kiri® has a truly authentic taste. It offers everyday dairy indulgence with the delicious delights of labneh. Kiri® Creamy Labneh can be consumed as a spread, dip and even as an ingredient in cooking.